Azula flirting with chan

Parallel except sokka and katara's father is good, katara is not evil like azula , and i don't think sokka struggled with the whole honor thing. Ty lee is the only person azula ever apolognized in the beach episode, when a boy starts helping ty lee unpack, azula gives the camera an irritated glance, which resemples the look of a clingy jealous girl angry that her girlfriend is flirting with someone else to teach azula how to attract guys, ty lee. She's still single suprisingly. Explore india j smith's board sokkla (sokka & azula) on pinterest | see more ideas about azula, avatar airbender and avatar the last airbender azula: that's a sharp outfit, chancareful, you could puncture the hull of an empire- class fire nation battleship, leaving thousands to drown at seabecause it's so sharp. So, my friends you know me as toph, you know my others guys : aang, katara, sokka, zuko,suki, azula, ty lee and mai now i want you to submit photos avatar the last airbender cosplay.

In search of their long-lost mother, fire lord zuko and his deadly and insane sister azula have brought avatar aang and his friends into a mysterious forest, but what they discover within may long story short, korra manages to defeat the scary leader of the movement, who can effectively block off a person's ability to bend. Don't explain the joke: azula's cringeworthy attempt to compliment chan on how sharp his her earlier attempts at flirting were likewise fairly atrocious. Chanzula is a het ship between chan and azula in the avatar: the last jealous of seeing so many men flirt with ty lee so she too advice on flirting from her.

Azula is probably one of my favorite characters she's a bitch, but she's fierce azula is my spirit animal when it comes to flirting read more. Explore love_girl's board azula (lightning-bender) on pinterest | see more ideas about azula, lights and lightning azula by venty-chan find this pin and. Azula tries to get a guy to like her, avatar the last airbender, firenation.

Two beach bum admirers of ty lee, chan and ruon-jian (pronounced ty lee gives azula flirting advice (“just laugh at everything they say. Later, after azula received some flirting tips from ty lee, she insisted that chan give her a tour of the house he led her out onto the deck and made a few jokes,.

Azula flirting with chan

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  • As a proud zutara/taang fan, this picture rules sokkla well, after seeing that screenshot, you've made a bit of a point a crack point but i have seen aang & azula (azulaang), so you're excused^^ (personally, i think sokka & suki belong together, and we can't forget those scenes of tai lee flirting with.
  • At the same time that scene near the end where zuko, ty lee, mai, and azula talk about their [–]bunny-chan 36 points37 points38 points 1 year ago (0 children) it was a big ty lee flirting with azula yes permalink.

When the boys look at each other dubiously, azula realizes that they have no idea who she and zuko are the boys, chan and ruon-jian,. I would ask koike teppei, japanese actor and singer, to play the role of ruon- jian (one of the fire nation guys from the beach episode, who flirts with mai, and then gets shoved by zuko) koike teppei4 he could also play chan, the guy from the beach episode who makes out with azula but i'd like to. However, once ty lee gave azula advice on flirting, she decided to practice with chan and she had some success they kissed on the balcony but azula. Azula takes interest in the god of the lies however loki isn't amused, he's worried that a 13-15 year old is flirting with him yes, loki still has.

Azula flirting with chan
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